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Just Breathe...

We got you.

We believe clean goes beyond the surface. A clean space can transform a busy mind, and a true clean is free of harsh or harmful chemicals.

I created Breathe so that we could help people with the chaos of their everyday lives, the space and energy for rest and relaxation. We are here to help, we offer a professional service, we understand the unique circumstance of the request, we specialize to meet to   the clients' criteria while also taking matters into our hands and going beyond the request, our mission is to be to help and support our community.


 As a young  woman entrepreneur, this business is built on  pure energetic passion. Bringing my attention to detail and experience from Respite Environment to Luxury  Hospitality industry, accessing a tool to always go above and beyond with every job. Detailed, Thorough and Mindful, creating a careful environment for each  and all services  provided. The mindful mindset not only creates an energetic clean but a physical one. changing spaces to allow more Flow.


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